Thursday, December 17, 2009


Ok, I am new here. Usually the 1st post it's about why you open up a blog right? Well, the reason of this is very simple. I want to advertise using blog! hahaha~ isn't it a good reason?

I do have a blog in BUT it does not support ads, means it do not allow blogger to advertise in their blog. So, what to do? I change to a new place~

Now why do I want to advertise? I was thinking, my blog will always be there and there are readers who read my blog. There's nothing much I need to do, so why not use it for earning $$?

So I guess, a hello will do to all of you right? Hello all my readers, all my friends, everyone who knows me. I am EeSoon and from now on, I am gonna have a new blog! It's! Do come and take a look if you are free/having insomia/sad/frustrated/annoyed/just-want-a-break. Welcome to EeSoon's!!


: : - LoLLy - : : said...

\ ( ^ 0 ^ ) /

Papapropaganda said...

Actually, if you're haing insomnia, you should read this blog. It's called Cure For Insomnia wehy!!! Although didn't update for a long time liao...

EeSoon said...

Awwwww!!! Mr How!! I miss your words So so soooooo MUCH!!!!! haha! You know your blog... didn't update for soooooooo LONG! read EeSoon's better la! haha.

Hi Lolly. ^^