Wednesday, January 20, 2010


What will happen to your body when your life comes to an end? What kind of funeral should you have? Who will do it for you? And where your corpse go after that?

I've come across this question and the answer for it is all belong to your religion. Is that true that there's nothing you can do if you are not belong to any religion?

Different religion have their own ways to do the funeral; different religion have their own graveyard to placed the corpse; where are your corpse suppose to be placed if you do not have any religion?

Which means, you must have a religion when you were alive? If not when it ends, your body has no place to go?

Why do people label graveyard by religion? Why do people want to sort different graveyard by religion? Why? Why can't we have a place for those who don't have religion? Why must we need to have a religion? Why???

Religion makes life difficult, it makes death difficult too! Why do we want to have religion anyway?? I can understand that religion may somehow motivate/encourage/realize/help/teach you in your life but it seperate you from others in some way don't you think so? Its uniqueness/speciality/beliefs/sensitivity can cause misunderstanding, unhappiness, conflict, even war; it requires a lot of tolerance, patient, and understanding between different religion to live under one roof... Why do human want to label themself with religion anyway?? Just because of the motivation/encouragement/strength gain? I wonder... I guess, by the time I decide to have one, the main purpose of it surely because to ensure I have a graveyard for my corpse.

By the way, I am not tied with any religion at the moment. That's why I am wondering should I or shouldn't I have one and what's the purpose of having one. Ah.. religion, always a sensitive issues that push peace away.


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