Saturday, January 16, 2010

Explore KL's photo

If you follow my blog, you will know that I was exploring KL few weeks ago.. I mean on last year before Christmas. This post is all about the trip~ yea!

My main purpose of the trip was to find the lake called Tasik Perdana. I was walking so long before I reach that lake but thanks to the walk, I got to know many beautiful places such as Tugu Negara/National Monument,Planetarium, Muzium Negara/National Museum, Muzium Polis Diraja Malaysia... are actually located nearby.

Before I reach Tasik Perdana, I thought it was a big lake, something like the Titiwangsa's? Once I reach there, I was shock! My mind was imagining BIG lake but then I saw a small one... smaller than small... tiny little lakes? ahahaha. Anyway, the place is peaceful and full with plants. I love that area! I'll just let the photos do the talking.

First place reached, the Taman Bunga Raya / Hibiscus Garden. Took some photo somewhere near the entrance~

Saw a corner... quite nice. Snap it!

Of course, cannot take the view without me! So I am in.

Next, stairs in Hibiscus Garden / Orchid Garden? Can't remember which garden it's from ...

And again, EeSoon must be in the photo.

Next, Memorial Tun Abdul Razak! Wanted to go in but it was closed on that day. I will visit it in other day for sure!

Then to the Poliece Museum. I love the place!!

Walk walk walk... eh?? Nice flower! Snap it~

Oh? What's that? Human Book sculpture? It has human head with books body. Weird but special. I like it! Snap~

Opposite the sculpture, there are some animals there~ *ka chakk*

Finally, reach the place called Taman Tasik Perdana / Perdana Lake Garden.

After Tasik Perdana, when I was on the way back to KTM, I saw road sign written "Tugu Negara". Oh? National Monument? Yes, it is!!

Proof~ that I was there!

There are also a bird park, butterfly park, different parks around la and Planetarium, Muzium Negara/National Museum... which I missed out to visit because of lacking time... I will visit the place for the 2nd time for sure. Til then, who are interested to follow me??? I want companion!!!

End of post, sekian terima kasih.

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