Tuesday, February 16, 2010

house visiting

Happy Chinese New Year!!

I was planning to have house visiting this year as usual but it seems like most of my friends can't make it... sigh... sad. The only free time all of us have is during Chinese New Year holidays! I miss the time when we visit each other's house, update about our life, sharing our experience, eat and chat together... it makes me feel relax and bliss! This year, mostly went back to hometown... by the time they come back, my turn to start work. Sigh sigh!!! This year timing not good!! haha.

Friends out there... I am starting my work on Thursday!!! If you are planning to have Chinese New Year house visit (bai nian - in mandarin) before that, please call me along! I wanna join!!! Thank you thank you.

Happy Chinese New Year again~

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