Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a Saturday..

early in the morning
got a message from a friend
(president of student committee)
got to know there's a meeting in the afternoon at 1pm
and i (as the vise president) am suppose to take charge of it
because she will not be there...
got a shock in the morning!!!
got a boom...


early in the morning after receiving that boom
drive to college for class
was the host team leader for that day
so... be host lo...
welcome lecturer
introduce lecturer
class start
look at the clock
and saw...
almost 1pm!!!
run out and ask another lecturer for a favour
to ask those who are coming for meeting to wait til 1.30pm
because my lunch break is at 1.30pm.
back to class.
(2 members already reach at that time)

1.20pm my lunch break start!
rush out to the meeting
only me and the lecturer were there
the other members?
we wait until 1.40pm
I am unhappy
went back classroom to take my phone
and I saw 2 messages.
1st one from the girl who reached at 1pm stated:
"because only 3 of us in the meeting,
I think nothing can be disucss,
so we all went back 1st ya"
2nd message from the secretary:
"I heard that there are many absentees,
XXX (reason of not coming), Xxx (reason)...
so how's the meeting"
I show the message to the lecturer and say:
"This is what we call team work!"
the members suppose to have meeting together
but end up,
only me and the lecturer were in the meeting...
2.05pm finish discussion.
end meeting.
I was super hungry
but no appetite at all.

2.10pm run to the bakery shop
walk and walk
look and look
choose and choose in the bakery shop
at the end
run back class without buying anything.

class end at 6pm
went to Sunway Pyramid for movie with my friend
what a movie...
the 1st word he said after the movie
"rating? 1-10?"
I said "one"
that movie really sucks!
Waste money
waste energy
waste time to watch that.
Please do not watch that silly movie.
name of the movie: Kiss Ass
(by the way, I am not the one who choose that movie)
You can watch it if you are interested to learn how
to use the word "FUCK" in daily communication sentences.
after movie, went to mamak.
what to eat?
felt very hungry
but no appetite at all.
ordered MILO
drank half...
my friend was talking
he is trying to get me talk
he is trying to make me talk more
he asked question to make me talk...
I feel so sorry to him.. sorry Lian,
I was really not in the mood of talking
that's why I was so quiet.
Sorry if I make you feel sien...
Thanks for the movie and the companion.

around 9.20pm
drive home.
No mood
no mood
no mood kao kao!!!
Siennnnn diaoo...
feel like crying but no tears.
What a Saturday...

How's your saturday? Tell me.

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