Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I... ... ?

Am I able to:
  1. write 31 lesson plans in 3 days?
  2. finish 70 days' daily reports in 3 days?
  3. done 2000 words' report on child abuse in 1 day?
  4. have enough sleep even when I am doing number 1-3?
  5. have extra time to watch tv even when I am doing number 1-3?
can I... ... :
  1. stop all my tuition classes once school start?
  2. end this blog with a question mark?


how said...

31 lesson plans? you do last minute izit (>.<)

i think hor... you dont need to watch tv liao la... But i have a friend doing practical teaching, he finished 4 months worth of reports ONE night before submission. He no sleep lo. The day before almost cry liao. Haha.

So if he can do it in one night of tears... you can do it in 3 days without crying. But after complete 1-3 you are allowed to weep tears of joy. Good luck!

EeSoon said...

Mr How,
I salute your friend!!!
I'd done 93% of 31 lesson plans and 0% on 70 daily reports...
I have 1 day left...
My speed is so... slow...

and yes... I am doing it in last minute...
I know I know... shouldn't do that... ann naaa annn naaa...


thanks for the comment wei! ^^