Sunday, July 18, 2010


Yesterday was the 1st time that I had so much fun in a club!!! I'd went to clubs before but none of the experience was as fun as yesterday!!! Woohoooo!!!!!

Usually I was the one to drive so I restrict myself to drink or have as little alcohol as I can EVERYTIME when I was clubbing because of the responsibility, but yesterday, I just don't give a damn! Muahaha! Of course, I am still the one who drive... but I make sure I only drive when I am conscious and cool.

That was my 1st time to consume that much alcohol and also my 1st time to dance hard during clubbing!!!!! At least 4 glasses of Black Label + Coke consumed~ hehe~ Why drink that much? Because there was a guy - John, keep on encourage me to drink! No worries, I know my limit, I know how to control myself, won't let myself get OVER to unconscious, nope. Although I drink a lot but somehow, my mind is clearer than usual. So, when I know I am about to feel a little high/excited than usual, I stop drinking. See! I know how to control!!

During the dancing and drinking, John said I am the type he likes! Baaahhh~ Do you think I will take that seriously in that environment? Funny. He also said, he is single la, no girlfriend la... this and that... Seriously, do you think I care?? In that environment??? haha.. oh ya, and he also ask whether I am single or not la, lonely or not la, have boyfriend or not la... bla bla bla... yadaa yadaa~~ I don't give a damn on what he said seriously... At that time, I just enjoyed my dance and the environment! Never expect after all the drinking and dancing, he repeats the same thing during "mamak/yum cha" time. Funny la this guy and freaking annoying...

But thanks to him, I really had fun! Thank him for making me drink, thank him for making me to dance hard! And most of all, thanks to my Darlie, Yvonne for asking me to join the night. I enjoyed. Know new people through the night: Elvin, Raymond, Keong, Ah Bang, Ricky, John, Denise (dunno the spelling), Kok Yao, Wei Xiang... nice to meet you all!!! And nice to see you again: Jack, Teng Teng, Yvonne darlie... I miss you... Woooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuhuuuooo~~!!!

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