Thursday, September 2, 2010

5 days 4 nights

As I wrote in my previous blog post (in Mandarin), I was away for days for Ipoh and Cameron Highland trip~ Ahhh~~ it was so relaxing and fun~~ The whole trip release all my stress~ My stress tank was empty during the trip until I reach home and now it is filling up in every minute... I don't wanna come back to KL!!!! But... what else can I do? My life is here... sad sad...

So, I've been to Ipoh and Cameron Highland for 5 days 4 nights with my best friend and her friend and her friend's friendsss... It was fun to know all of them, all funny people. Hi all!! Are you reading this? haha... I don't think so. Anyway... let's see what I've done in the trip.

Ipoh trip was an eating trip I would say. Once we reach Ipoh (early in the morning around 2.30am?), of course we zzZZzzzz... so basically Day 1 - sleep zZzzZ. The next day, start with Dim Sum, followed by Ipoh bean sprout chicken, then Ken's aunt and uncle treat us dinner, we end our day with some desert after dinner. Day 2 - full, very full.

Day 3? Up to Cameron Highland!!!! Yea~~~ finally!! Reach around 5pm, look for dinner then. After dinner, back to the place we stay. Day 4 planned to go all different plantation parks: strawberry, Boh tea, ... but it was raining... and because it was Merdeka day eve, most of the parks were closed. how disappointed... Plan is plan; reality is reality, we can't plan and control everything right? So, we went to market in the morning, bought some vegetables and I cooked. hehehe... I have enough "white rats" to try my dish~ nyek nyek nyekk~~ Basically Day 4 was just... walking in the rain, cooking, and steamboat at night!! Day 5 back to KL. The road was curvy... makes me dizzy... feel like vomiting... ewwrr...

That's the trip. Other than the above mention: we also talked, chit-chat, play games at night, watch TV in the morning, enjoyed the cooling air in Cameron Highland~~ and sometimes watching the guys play PS3. T__T"" Haaha... Yes, they brought PS3 along.

Oh ya! We went to Kellies Castle too! Hahahaha. That was my second visit to Kellies Castle, I just love that place!! I didn't expect I will visit the castle in this trip. Wohoho~

After the trip, I think I should thank these people:
  1. Sok Ying - for inviting me to join the trip~~ giving me a fun, relaxing experience~~
  2. Ken - for providing accommodation ~~
  3. Ken's aunt and uncle - for the Dim Sum and dinner in Ipoh~~ and also guiding us to Kellies Castle ~
  4. Ken's cousin brother - for making us laugh and help me improve my adult-child communication skills. ><"
  5. Kai Keat - for transportation~~ and teaching us new games~~
  6. Ashley - for accompany me to talk before we fall asleep~~
  7. Ben - for all the photography~~
  8. Ting Cheng - for all the food preparation~~
  9. Yit Bo - for cutting the cabbage... and finishing food all the time... HAhahaha
Thank you~~~

I will end this post with a photo taken before we leave Cameron Highland.
That's all~!! Oh... I miss Cameron Highland already...

8 of us in Cameron Highland.


JinRaiXin said...

Seems you have a happiness trip, aren't u? ^^

EeSoon said...

Yes, I have. ^^
happy~~ happy~~
enjoyed and stress free~

applefish said...

where is Kellies Castle?
ur pic's background looks like

EeSoon said...

the background looks fake???
it's real. :)

Kellies Castle is in Perak.
Batu Gajah there...

you google search la!
Sure can find lots of pictures.