Monday, October 18, 2010

8 photos

This post is about EeSoon's graduation~~
miss diploma EeSoon~~
Here come some of the photos:

Yeah~ I got it! Best student award!! (proven)
"don't prray prray ah!"

So, I need to give a speech!
As I written in my previous post:

I didn't lie!!! See!! I was on stage!!!
I was giving speech!! Really!! (proven again)
too excited/concentrate? didn't notice my robe fall...

phewww~~~ relax after the speech.

Me and the trophy, and a cylinder thinggie, and flower,
and Doraemon doll with graduation hat, and...
Cute boh? I know I am cute~~ Muahahaha~~

My hat keeps on falling after the speech...
so these happens:

My most respected lecturer!!! I love him so so much!!!!
Yuhooo~ he helps me put on my hat!!!

Next, the college's chairman~ hehe...

I felt so warm when they help me put on my hat~
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.

1st bouquet of roses received in my entire 23 years of life... it's
from my best, Swing. I love her very much! Muaxxxx! Thanks Swing~

After all the lining up,
taking photos, watching performances,
receiving the cylinder thinggie, flowers, cert, trophy,
giving speech, lunch...
Here goes the last one:

Carrying bag with robe on~ ceremony end lo~
go home lo~

Goodnight everyone~
-- Post end --


JinRaiXin said...

再次向你说声:卒業おめでとう(恭喜你毕业) =)

EeSoon said...

thank you thank you~~

applefish said...


Anonymous said...



EeSoon said...

Yeah!! applefish!!!
can't wait to see yours!!!


Douglas said...


Very Good,very good!!!

Magdalene Heuk Salvatore said...

congrates~ bdw you graduated from what course??

蛋塔兔 said...

wow! congratz!

EeSoon said...

Thank you, Douglas~~

Thanks Magdalene,

谢谢~ thank you~~

applefish said...