Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Story~

This is a post specially written as a birthday gift to my best friend - Sok Ying.

I'd promise you to write a blog post for you but I was so ... you know me... dragging all the time with lots of excuses like busy laa, lazy laa... sorry for keeping you wait... it has been years right? Here goes:

Low Sok Ying, she is a girl who I first met when I was 7 years old. We were in the same class for 3 years, we know each other but somehow, not very close until we were 12 years old... some 'chemistry' happen, and we begin to be good friends. Although we were not in the same class anymore but she always come over to my class to talk/chit-chat with me~~ hehe...

Time passed, we were 13 and we went to a same secondary school. Fate? Destiny? Coincident? We were in the same class again~ Our friendship begin to grow and it's stronger by days. I still remember silly things that we did in the school: acting during recess time, cursing the Mandarin teacher by drawing silly stuff on our Mandarin text book (we dislike the teacher, I don't remember why)... etc.

I was left home alone since I was 10, my sibling stayed in hostel and my parents were very busy on their work till I rarely see them at home. When I woke up in the morning, they already went off to work, I was home alone after school and if I am lucky enough, I will meet my parents before I went to bed. My life was so empty and lonely, her appearance kicks my loneliness away.

During secondary school time, I seriously like to cycle! And I am very good in balancing~ hoho~ That's why I am always the driver, carrying friends on a bicycle. I was the one who send her to the road near to her house with my bicycle after school, ahahaha... I am a potential driver since 13 huh? hahaha... I enjoyed sending her back because it was fun!! Sometimes we went out together with my bicycle: to my house, to her house, to market, to field... Owh~ I miss those times...

We were so close that we talk on phone very frequent until sometimes we get scold by parents for talking too long on phone..(you know, the bills) we even have our secret code and action! yea.. that's funny. Our friendship was still strong even though she moved to other area..

When we were 14, she moved to other place. We still contact each other by phone and letters (you know, those days internet was not that famous and email was not that easy-access yet), we share our thoughts, our life experience, expressing our anger from school/family through letter and we make jokes and act like some DJ's interview through phone (I know it's silly... but it's fun! We were 14, what do you expect? I am not sure if she remembers this.. haha), sometimes she'll complains about her new school/classmates/teachers/school works and I'll complain about mine. Of course, we do fight on the phone sometimes..., having argument on some topics/thoughts/personal opinions and we have "cold war" sometimes... then didn't call each other for few weeks... so memorable.. haha.

Thanks to her parents, sometimes her parents will bring her over to my place and stay over for 1 or 2 nights. That was the time for pillow talk, pillow fights, and also tape-recording our voice, making our own drama, creating our own song!!! We have our own songs~! Don't play play!! The tapes are all with me still!! That time, we got real close to each other. The song's name: Swing the Rain to The Space Soon, funny name.. I know... haha... and few more without names.

Then we reach 17!! Someone being chosen for National Service and someone was not chosen. I can clearly remember that day when we were checking whether we are the chosen one or not, we scream at the same time after we got the result. We: "WHY?????????????????????" Sok Ying: "Why me??????????????????" Me: "Why not me??????????????????" It was so funny. We were extremely shock and not happy on the result, the one who wants to join National Service so badly - me, didn't get it while the one who "anti"/refuse to join National Service - Sok Ying got it. It was hilarious! haha..

She had hard time in NS, I know that. Saturday is the only day she was allowed to use hand phone. So after she called her parents, she will call me to talk about what she had been thru in NS.. happy, sad, anger, worried, fear... she tells me everything. I was like her "emotional express station" and I am glad that she did, at least she has some place to relieve her emotions and I know what is happening to her in there. I miss her so much that time!! Missing her just like bf/gf... haha.. silly.

We were contacting each other by phone all those years before we reach 18!! After 18, you know, we got our license, we can drive~~ yuhoo~~! So we can meet each other easily. When we were 18, we have chosen different road; different life. No more secondary school... She went to college, I went to Form 6. But still, we maintain our friendship by phone calls. Sooner/later, IT improved, we then use sms, facebook, email, instead of writing letter and making phone calls.

She is the only one who is able to "knock" me up when I got into confusion. She is the only one who can make me realize and improve my shortcomings. Sometimes her words are real harsh... but somehow, I understand her meaning and so, that's just the way she is. After all, her harsh words are for my own good... I know...

She is the only one who can make me clearly understand attitude and communication skills affect relationships. She is the only one who makes me understand the importance of a friendship. She makes me realize why I act badly to a particular person. Haha... even me don't know why... Somehow, she just got the 'power' to make me realize a lot of things about me, myself and my life. Does my appearance affect her life?? I do think so too.

She'd done so much for me without noticing it. Ah haha~ Thank you Swing~~~ Your appearance has changed my life, my way of treating people, my attitude, my view of life... WOW leh? hohoho~

The Sok Ying I know is no longer quiet when meeting new people, no longer "locking" herself in her world, no longer having short hair, no longer have 0% knowledge about cosmetics! She has grown up! Grown up as a pretty lady with beautiful long hair that knows how to makeup herself, grown up with good social skills, high self-confident, mature and independent.

It's your birthday!! This post is specially written for you! Hope you'll like it~~ ^^ Thanks for everything Swing, I love you! Glad that I have you in my life~ *hugs*


JinRaiXin said...

Wish your precious friend happy birthday.
What's a exceptional friends.
Perhaps this relatiopnship will keep it forever and never change to another negative 'chemistry' effect.

EeSoon said...

you read all that?
it is super crazy long!!!

Thanks for your wish.
I hope our friendship will stay strong!


Jothan d' Rotten said...

T.T feel so touch... almost cry dy... nah~~ just kidding... didnt know SokYing is THAT kind of girl before i met her in year 2005... still very hard to believe lor...

i totally agree with the HARSH words part... but i also agree that... it all thanks to her HARSH words that i am who i am today...

Low Sok Ying said...

cant really remember about what you have promised to me though. lol but thanks again for this post. even forgot about cursing the mandarin teacher part, but i still remember about the DJ you mentioned. and keep on 期待 and 期待... LMAO~
oh and the NS, yeah been through a hard time but that was definitely one of my life turning point.
anyway it takes time for one to actually realize something and start changing. well i hope my words count, not just saying for nothing. :)


EeSoon said...

Jothan, what do you mean by THAT kinda girl??? THAT?? what?

she makes me understand and realize many things. her HARSH words are something I need to understand, once I do understand, it wont be HARSH anymore. haha.. get what I mean?

Sok Ying!!!
this is your 2nd comment~~!!!!!!
AWWWwwwww~~~ I am so happy you read it all!!! Yeah~~!!!!

Your words will never be "saying for nothing", your words changed my thoughts. Thank you~~ I love you~!

Anonymous said...

your friend must be touches, i bet that must be your good friend.

Jon said...

your friend must be touches, i bet that must be your good friend. cherish that friend well.

(forgotten to put my link, become anonymous, paiseh.)

EeSoon said...

Jon, she is my BEST friend!!
I am thankful and I appreciate her very much~~ :D