Saturday, November 13, 2010

Recycle Bag Issue

14 November is World Diabetes Day~~
In conjunction of that,
there's 5km walk held in Putrajaya this morning,
I've joined the event and done 5km walk~~
It was fun!!
I enjoyed my morning~~!

This is what I get after the walk:

recycle bags, a certificate, a towel, a voucher, and dunno what cream...

After the walk,
took some silly photos.
By the way, Putrajaya is a nice place to take photos.
To all photographers,
if you have time, try Putrajaya~
it's a good place to do photography~
(will post the photos once I upload it)

By the way,
I got blocked by security guard today
for bringing recycle bag to a supermarket.
What happen to these people???
We are encouraged not to use plastic bags,
but the supermarket restrict us from bringing our own recycle bag!
What the hell???
(for your information, it was the same supermarket
I'd mentioned in my previous post)

So, my sibling and I explained that
the recycle bag is needed to put the goods we buy later,
but still, the security guard took the recycle bag from me
(before I say yes, before I hand it to her, in other word - snatch!!!)
and pass it to the front counter (where they kept your bags).
WHAT???? Grrr...
My sibling was not happy, we are not happy!!
But my sibling say "ah, nevermind la".
then we walked in.
After few seconds of walking in the supermarket,
we decide to leave the supermarket
and not to shop in that supermarket ANYMORE.
The security guard really raise up our anger!
Treat us without respect??
Took my recycle bag without my permission????
uh HUH!???
Now you cause the supermarket lost two customers
that might spent average more than RM100/month there.

Should I write the supermarket's name here???
better don't hor?
maybe a little... you guys guess la what supermarket.
hmmm... it's start with M.
Don't ask me the name, I won't answer.

nah, this is the recycle bag I was holding
when heading to the supermarket.

Once again, I am speechless.


Douglas said...

Normally I'll fold the recycle bag & put it in my back pocket。

So far I never encounter any problem with the security guard when I shop with Tesco,Carrefour,Jusco & The Store。

If I were you。。。I'll complain to the MyDin Store Manager & ask them to apologise。

It's so ridiculous when people are so environmentally-aware & what a shame that the Top Management of Mydin are still live in the dark ages。

Boycott them & spread the news。。。you did the RIGHT thing。

苦妈 said...



Tesco,Giant,The Store的东西都很便宜啊!

EeSoon said...




applefish said...

is there a bridge in putrajaya?
i dont know what the bridge is, but i like it after saw my friend's marriage pic which was taken there..nice!!

EeSoon said...

there are more than 1 bridges~~
I saw 3 bridges this morning.
All bridges are beautiful~
I didn't take bridge's photo timmm!!!

applefish said...

oh, then i just like one of 3 bridges there...
hehe, take it next time, sure got chance 1...

BOYCOTT those who are still not Eco-friendly..hehe

domokun said...

you can write an essay and post it on facebook.share the news to the whole world.boycott mydin >< aiks angry seeing this post><

Jothan d' Rotten said...

hei... tat was my birthday... now that i wont forgot... my birthday is also world diabetes day... ^.^

well... putrajaya is a nice place to shot photos... hope u been to all the best spot... or else i can be ur not so skill punya tour guide... haHaha... by the way... its also a super nice place to shot Zombie movie or movie similar with "i am legend (starring Will Smith)"... because u can hardly find people walking on the street most of the times...

EeSoon said...

BOYCOTT them ah?
haha.. ok!

there's no need to do that.
I was angry too but, doesn't
mean I need to spread it out
to the whole world.

yes! it's your birthday~~
Oh? you can be my tour guide
in Putrajaya??? Gooooood!
Next time if got time, will
call you out to Putrajaya~~

Kelvin said...

This is stupid, u should look at the guard's name and post it everywhere.

Some ppl just can't think out of the box.

EeSoon said...


that was not the guard's fault, she
is just am employee. The company's
policy is the problem, not the guard.

So, I don't think I should blame
her... at all. She is just doing her