Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gopeng, Perak trip~

Last weekend,
my friends and I went to Gopeng, Perak.
A friend of mine gave me a link on the net,
I checked it~ then decided to go there.
And so, 4 of us start our journey to Gopeng, Perak.

Photos please~~ you may asked.
ok, there are no photos during the journey
(the driving part)
but I do have photos during the activities.
Alright, please give me few hours ...
(it may take more than 12 hours) ...
I will be right back to continue this post.
Stay tune!

(blog post pending... reason:
I am asking permission to post the photos..
wait huh... be patient if you are interested in this post..
thank you~~)
** updated, 02 Dec 2010**

YES!!! I got their permission already!
sorry for the late post up.

Here comes!!!
The photosss~~!!
(of course.... with a little caption.)

The little hut we stayed during the trip.

a little walk in the jungle before the cave~

oh, we reached! say cheese~

so, this is the beautiful Gua Kandu.
Words are not enough to describe its beauty...

caving - climbing up

caving - coming down

we girls and our guide~ Hilmy.

listening to the cave's history...

4 of us during caving~~

"do you need a hand?" I asked.

oh! after all the climbing and waking,
exhausted!!? ... haha, we were sweating.

Oh, before we left, Hilmy show this to us.
Singapore trademark??

That was what we did on the 1st day~
yuhoooo~~ it was so fun!!!
A lot of laugh,
a lot of sweat,
a lot of walking, climbing, jogging... haha

So far, can you feel the excitement and the enjoyment?
Wohohoho~~ you want more?
let's continue with what we done in the 2nd day of the trip.
photos photos~~~

early in the morning~
before all the activities...

snap you, Jothan!!
opsss?? you got me...

Jungle trekking~~ walk walk walk~~

Yeah~ pose a little~~
we are on the half way~

There!! the waterfall~~ our destination~~

That's all the photos.
2 days 1 night trip in Gopeng.
Oh~~~ I had fun!!
Yea~~~ I enjoyed!!
I am very sure 4 of us had fun~!!!
And I miss the place already.
I will visit again! I will I will!!!
wait me!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading~~

(done this post on 7 Dec 2010,


苦妈 said...

妳就讲需要more than 12hours......


Jothan d' Rotten said...

苦妈 > go EeSoon facebook see the photos... i already tag EeSoon on some of the pictures...

苦妈 said...

Jothan,看了你写的文章。。。原来有三个美女陪你睡觉,wow!!*\(^ 0^)/*

Aeris said...

I still haven't get the original photo yet... T.T

EeSoon said...

Oh yea Aeris?
email Hilmy and ask him?
Hope you can get it. :)

Magdalene Heuk Salvatore said...

我也要爬山~~ 好像很好玩哦~~ > <

EeSoon said...