Thursday, December 16, 2010

I am in Rome II

Bongiorno everyone~!!
It's -3 Celsius today in Rome~!
Damn cold man...

Yes, I am still in Rome, Italy.
Enjoying the cold wind here~

Yesterday I was walking alone in Albano town,
it's a small town with lots of shops.
And I bought a beautiful sweater from there,
now I am wondering,
how often will I wear the sweater when I'm back to Malaysia?


Let's continue this post with some photos and videos shall we?

A must-visit-place in Rome.
Nice angle isn't it? hehe~
taken by EeSoon on 13 Dec 2010.

The horse is cold... that's why...
he is wearing hat on his ...ears?
This was taken outside the Colloseum.

Beautiful white building~
Please forgive my memory...
I don't remember what building is that..
it's either a church or museum, sorry.

Guess what building is this?

you can google search by typing - basilica s. pietro
to get more info and photos about this building.

Below is a video taken from Trevi Fountain.
I'd make a wish with a coin.
Hope my wish will come true soon~~ yea.

Last but not least,
a photo of EeSoon.
in the subway station.
I looked so lonely in the photo... hahaha.


苦妈 said...



JinRaiXin said...

Now Italy should be winter, isn't it?

EeSoon said...


yes dear, it's winter.
local people say North Italy will be cold, South will be warm, middle like Rome usually is moderate... but now, according to them, this cold is unusual.

According to weather forecast, tomorrow maybe snowing! WOW! Local people say, Rome usually don't snow.. haha. Guess I am ... lucky?

Natalie Smith said...

Amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing. Regards from Hotels in Rome

EeSoon said...

Thanks Natalie. :)

domokun said...

yoooorrrr envy TT the horse is cute XD izzit the building where hercules's father was sitting inside?lol