Wednesday, December 29, 2010

La la la~

Wow! It has been 1 week...
How are you? You?
You? The one who reading this now?
Good day everyone.
Goodnight for those who are going to bed soon.

So, I have been working these days,
I started new job on 21 December,
so far what I was doing is just decorating.
I was decorating my work place for ... 7 days already.
My real work start on Jan 3, 2011.
For now, all I am doing is just preparing.
Prepare for Jan 3, 2011 and the next day
and next day and next day and next day and...

I went for a movie just now, few hours back...
I was told that the movie is not nice,
so I did not bring high expectation to the movie.
Turn out, it was as I expected,
so-so, ok-ok, ok-laaa, only.
Just another random/ordinary movie,
nothing special.

I am very sleepy now,
I am tired, I am fatigue,
are all these caused by the work I done this morning?
Why is drawing and colouring and writing and designing
and cutting and pasting and looking for materials so tiring?
That's the only things I did in the morning!!
Why am I feeling so tired??
I am not as active as I was in 18!! Not anymore!!
GRrrrrr... alright... I am getting older... I admit I am..

I am down.
energy level down.
Tata. ZzzZzzzz.....


JinRaiXin said...

Wish you good luck when you start at your real work.
Have a nice dream~ =)

EeSoon said...

Thanks dear. goodnight. :)
sleep early ya you!! sick people!
haha.. nite.

Douglas said...

Thought you were stir-frying lala?↖(^ω^)↗

Tomorrow is holiday。。。get some quality rest day out。。。re-energize yourself。

Take care。

苦妈 said...


要不要kiss kiss??



EeSoon said...

I am going to work tomorrow.
I have a lot of unfinished work
that need to be done by next Monday.
So... will have my rest on Saturday~~

苦妈的kiss kiss?