Sunday, December 12, 2010


I am going to Rome!!!! Hoho!!!
My flight is at 2.10am, 12 Dec 2010.
By the time this post is up...
I guess I am already on my way to Rome~~!!
Maybe I am sleeping on the plane??

No, I am not going with travel agency.
No, I am not going for family vacation.
Yes, I am going with my family member.
No, I did not plan for this trip.
Yes, it's a sudden decision.
Yes, I am going to backpack in Rome!!!!!
Excited??? you ask me????

Now I am not going to blog for 1 week,
and yes, this is a notification post.
Yo~ Rome,
here I come!!!
I can feel the excitement now!!!
Bye bye everyone~~
See ya next week~~~


Douglas said...

Have fun。。。enjoy。

Bon voyage。

Cecilia said...

WOWWW envy>< hav a nice trip^^

applefish said...

wow, have fun, dear

EeSoon said...

thanks everyone!!!
I am now at Italy~
free internet yo! haha.