Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sabah~ Sabah~

Atkinson Tower.

Did I told you that I was having a trip to Sabah in June?
I wanted to write a post right after the trip
but because of my endless work and my poor time management...
tik tok tik tok, it's July already.. hmmm... I know...
poor time management...

Since it's Sunday today,
and it supposed to be a relaxing day,
let's blog!!
ho ho ho~

Here are some of the photos I took during the trip~~~
A picture tells a thousand words...
so... alright.
more photos, less words please.
Let's begin:

1st day arrived Sabah. Went to Tuaran~
and this is a bridge somewhere in the middle of a market in Tuaran?

Next, crocodile farm. And as you expected,
let me present to you:
#1 - the tired crocodile.

#2 - the sexy crocodile showing its shape~

#3 - cute little creature without a name...?
Seriously, I don't know what is this little creature call.
Anyone can tell me?

and #4 - Kuma, your friends!!

After day 1's photos, let's jumble everything in!
I went to Manukan Island next.
It was a peaceful and relaxing place~~
(if only you don't mind the rubbish around la...)
Then to Atkinson tower, Poring Hot Spring,
Kinabalu park in Kundasang, Tip of Borneo,
One Borneo, Ranau? ... etc etc etc...

Photos from Manukan Island:
#1 - the entrance~
#2 - relaxing view~

#3 - dark dark clouds and the lonely island...

#4 - the tour guide.

Poring Hot Spring:
Read the sign please.
So? The only thing I took is this photo lo...

Oh, and this too. hehe ^^
my personal photographer... hehe...

Up up we go, to the waterfall!
err.... are we there yet? ...

Yes we are!
blur blur, but I like it! yo~!

At Kundasang Pine Resort:
Mount Kinabalu behind me!! yuhoo~

Tip Of Borneo~
North of Sabah:
#1 - peaceful wave~

#2 - the trees around~~ green and brown~

That's all~~
Actually there are more photos...
it's just...... it's... it's... ...
it's time to go.

I need to do my work now before it pile up and...
I don't want to imagine that.
Bye everyone.


苦妈 said...



EeSoon said...

哎呀!错过了苦妈的真面目 timm!!

applefish said...


Douglas said...

I saw Jane。。。where's Tarzan?


EeSoon said...

you too?? where were you...?

Tarzan is shy~~ somehow~~


Magdalene Blue Rose said...

nice trip!!! the waterfall so huge!! <3 cute crocodile~ lol

EeSoon said...

indeed, it was a nice trip~
I enjoyed~~

hehe~ crocodiles don't look friendly... to me...

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

I like that cute little creature without name..

Cute little creature : I want fang !! XD

EeSoon said...

Next time have chance,
we go visit them together~ ok?