Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oh ooo ouu~

When I go through FB,
talked to friends/colleagues...
I found out...
people around me are having negative thoughts.
And you know what?
It kinda somehow affect me too... a little...
BUT, I am still positive, yeaah!

If you are feeling down now...
feeling like... giving up on something...
Hold it!!!
Be strong!!
Be motivated!!
Don't ever give up!!!
Think positively!!
EeSoon support all of you!

Dear friends,
nothing is impossible,
everything will be done well.
Everything will be just fine~
Work hard!!
Be positive, friends!!
You can do it!

Bad things goes, better things come.
challenges make you strong!!
difficulties make you learn!!
issues make you grow!!
So, take it! And settle it.

Love you all!!
Be positive always~
and cheers~~


:: - LoLLy - :: said...

FIRE !!!!

EeSoon said...

Mentally support you!!
FIRE!!!! UP!!!

applefish said...

wee wang wang wee wang wang
i love ur post!
it is about POSITIVE :)

EeSoon said...

yeah, applefish.
there're always time that makes us down
but the most important thing is,
we need to stay positive!!
Do not get defeated by negative thoughts!