Monday, October 24, 2011

Thanks dear

I am sorry about yesterday.
I know what you were doing was for my own good.
Thank you so much for being so considerate and patient.
And, sorry for acting so lazy..
and ... so and so ...

I know what to do~
And I will do what I suppose to do~
not to worry, dear.
All my work will be done tonight.
And don't feel sorry for my laziness!
That's nothing to do with you.
EeSoon is lack of motivation.
That's all.

I need to find something to light up my passion.
Something to motivate me....
something such as...
stress, pressure!!
These 2 always help me a lot!
Never fail to motivate me.
And there's one more,

time limit, deadline!!
These two,
never fail in forcing me to produce good work.

It's time to do work.
Thank you dear Mr. Boyfriend for the reminder.


LuPorTi said...

Wah! Pressure and stress help to motivate you?!?!

EeSoon said...

yes~ it always do~~ ^^ never fail.