Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I know you are busy working right now,
I know you can't confirm when will you finish your work,
I know you can't promise to meet me later,
I understand.
That's why I didn't nag,
I know I can't force you to leave your work and come to me,
I can't be that selfish...
the only thing I can do is wait for you..

maybe not that silent.

Ah dear... darling...
I miss you very very much!!
I didn't meet you for days... since... Sunday?
hahaha, I thought it was very long but...
just 2 days... ...?
why do I miss you that much?

Ah... I miss your hug...
miss your kiss...
miss your... everything!
Hope to see you tonight.


lola said...

this is so cool 1!!
inspired me !!


try to visit me back if u can ^^,

Lola said...

can i know, for who are u writing for ?
i mean this is a cool post, and its obviosly that u were missing someone, who's that person ?

haha... this post, made me think about my boyfriend, he is working too.. i cant be selfish with me .
i miss him so much !!

Lola a Friend.

Ps : thanks 4 write in my post 2 !

Lola said...

i made a mistake... i meant I CANT BE SELFISH WITH * HIM *

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Haha that's normal you will miss him a lot. =}

EeSoon said...

Dear Lola,
I was writing about my boyfriend.
I was missing him when I wrote this post. :)
Same as you, I miss my boyfriend too!! haha.
Thanks for the comment. ^^

yep yep~~ it's understandable right?
hehe. ^^

Lola said...

awww !!

There's a bottom in my blog. at the TOP of my principal topic called TRANSLATE !! there u will see a lot of little flags
u can click in there, and look for ur language , for you to understand what i write in my blog !! ^^, !!

i hope u can do it !!

i must to say : i feel the same about my boyfriend !
i miss him so much !

wit love

EeSoon said...

Thanks for the guide, Lola.
Nice meeting you~ :)