Saturday, March 31, 2012

E$tra job$

I am actually trying very hard to save money...
I don't earn much from my current job, BUT
my monthly expenses is high even it's excluding food expenses!
I need part time job...
I really need one... or maybe 2... the more the better!

Now the thing is,
Do I have the time to do part time job???
energy, can be trained,
strength can be motivated.
But time???
I can't get extra time,
nobody can!!
how ah how ah how ah??

I got 2 part time job offers today...
I am attracted and interested to both offers,
but... where can I find time to actually do it???

it's not about time management anymore!
I manage my time very well!
60% of my daily routine was my work!
I work about 14 hours everyday including
weekends (most of the time)!
where to get more time?
you tell me la...
time = money?
no time, no money eh!!?

I even sacrifice the time to be with mr. boyfriend...
Now tell me, where can I find time?
How can I get more time?

I NEED THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!


JinRaiXin said...

It may need to take 14 hours for you to work. Actually what is your current occupation?

LuPorTi said...

Wah! Two more part time? Then I guess you may not have time for your personal use already wo.

苦妈 said...


Mr Lonely said...

u try self research about Google Adsense and maybe can earn some extra $$ on it for FREE ler

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Wahh what is the two more part time job? LOL ~

EeSoon said...

official working hours = 7hours
I reach work place early, go back late = +2hours
extra preparation works at home after working hours = 5hours
I am an educator. ^^

YES! I want part time... I already don't have much personal time... nevermind la... doesn't make much difference right..? Haha (cry)


Mr Lonely:
I already have Google Adsense since year 2009. :) It's just, I didn't put it out here... worry I might loose the GLITTERATI status in Nuffnang.

Even if I put it here, the $ will still raise SLOW... I mean very very SLOW... I have no idea how to get more clicks on the ads.

I am wondering too! What can I do after I spent 14 hours on work? 10 hours left, 5 for sleep, 2 for eating, 1 for rest and bath... how many hours more left? 1 or 2? sigh...

You wanna hired me or not? I sell my 1 hour to you. 1 hour RM100 yea~ not expensive ma hor?

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

u sell your 1 hour to me for?? LOL XD
Gua bukan boss ah ~ HAHAH ~

EeSoon said...

you are not one now,
but in the future,
you might be one~~ :)