Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby oh baby~~

Last weekend, I went to Penang with Mr.Boyfriend.
I went there to meet his new born nephew and 1+ year old niece~
the little ones are so cute!!! Very adorable and loving~
Kids, really do easily melt my heart...
And I realize something, guys who know how to take care of babies,
really turns me ON! I am attracted to guys who love children
and able to handle children~ ho ho ho!! Unfortunately...
Mr Boyfriend doesn't know how to handle children... oh well...
anyway, I have took some pictures of mr Boyfriend and the little one.

gentle.. careful.. careful... gently...
Mr Boyfriend was finding for the comfort position..

yuhoo!! ar ha~~ lalala~~ got it!
Mr Boyfriend found the comfort position!!

like experts already! wuhoo!
I look at you, you look at me; eyes to eyes...
I wonder what was in Mr Boyfriend's mind...

When I saw Mr Boyfriend holds the baby in his arms,
I felt touched. ah? Yes, touched is the word.. haha.
I felt warmth, love, sweet~ happy, my heart melts somehow..
honestly... words can hardly describe how I feel at that moment..

Baby~ oh baby~~ you melt my heart~~


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