Tuesday, February 5, 2013

No Feel??

New year, new job!
I quit my previous job, the one who use up my personal time and gives a lot of stress and pressure.. the one who gives me a lot of satisfaction and happiness to me... the one job that I always looking forward to do it everyday, the job that I love it so so much...

There's always a BUT.

So, I am starting a new job this year. New year, new start, new job.
So far I felt very empty... very very empty in my heart... no satisfaction... kind of feeling bored already... and it's only 2 days of work... sigh... and I am already feeling bored. Sad.. I don't feel motivated to do my new work. sigh..

There were some issues between my previous employer and my current employer before I take this new job offer, I am a pretty good employee that do not calculative on doing extra works, I am capable to multi task and I don't mind to do more work. For me, you do more work = you learn more things. Old employer does not willing to let me go and so they blame my new employer for offering the job to me... hmm... funny eh? By the way, my old, new employer and me are all good friends. We are all friends. But because of me... both of them raise up voice to each other... I felt guilty...

Anyway, I left my old job smoothly without any unhappiness, everyone is happy. And I start my new job here at the new environment... hmm.. so far so good, everyone is being nice.

Oh dear... I miss my old job already!!! ... I miss the feeling of mingle around with children.. the pure, naive, clever children. I really do miss my old job... 

No point of thinking about the past. Move forward, EeSoon!!!!! You'd made the decision, now live with it!!!!! All the best, EeSoon!! You'll soon found the FIRE within you (which is currently... 0%) to this new job.

Ahh... All the best to me la... aih.


LuPorTi said...

Quit old job and move to new job, then miss back the old job. It's kinda dilemma ya. Thing has happened, life goes on. Just move ahead. Kambateh!

Mr Lonely said...

lol.. looks like same case happened to me weeks ago~ anyways, all the best to your new job~

EeSoon said...

Thanks LuPorTi,
Thanks Mr Lonely.
Thanks for the motivating messages.
thank you.

Aeris said...

All the best in new job! Hope you can learn more thing and more happy in new environment~ :)

EeSoon said...

Thanks Aeris!
Definitely will learn more things but happiness.... I really not dare to expect any.
Thank you, dear~~~