Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Relationship

A quiet and relaxing Saturday makes me think.
A quiet and relaxing Saturday makes me write...

"Relationship thinggie" is .. annoying me recently.
Until the extend of considering to be back to single,
thinking of, being single is so much easier, simple and relaxing!

I was confused with my feelings, 
I try to make it clear but the thing is, 
it is not consider 'feel' if everything is VERY clear.. TOO clear...
feeling... is abstract.

Anyway, I got the feeling back~
and I hope this feel does not disappear in any time soon,
or I should use the word, never? 
I hope the feel I had in me will never disappear.

Thanks to Mr boyfriend,
he makes me think deeply about this relationship...
he told me how he feels and what was he thinking..
The more he tells, the more I get to understand him...
and I feel touched.

I am sorry for being so selfish...
thank you for the care,
and all the love you gave me, Mr boyfriend.

I love you.


Mr Lonely said...

yeah, wish you the best !

:: - LoLLy - :: said...

I louu you too.

EeSoon said...

Thank you Mr Lonely and LoLLy.