Sunday, September 22, 2013

Decision made. FINALLY!

I quit!
Yes, I did.
Dislike the job, very much.
If you follow my blog, you'll know that.

Actually the decision has been made since April 2013 (the 3rd month of working). But my ego told me not to give up easily, my responsibility told me not to forget them, and so I stay longer to test myself, wanted to know whether this is really what I want, wanted to prove that I am strong and I can do whatever I want to even I don't like what I am doing (trying to be professional DUH!). End up, my ability and attitude plus character speaks louder than my ego and responsibility.
Can you imagine, if every morning, every single day, every time when you woke up, once you open your eyes, you asked yourself: "why do I need to do this again?" "Can I be sick? Can I take MC today?" "What am I doing now..." "Can I not to go work today?" "What is going to happen again later in the office?" "What will I be scolded advised for today?" "Can I not do this any more?" "When can I leave this job?" "Can I go through this again today?"  for months... Do you still feel like getting up? Negative thoughts filled up your mind, every morning, every single day, before you even start your day...? That's pathetic! 

I am not happy with my job. I start to loose self-confident because of this job. I started to hesitate on my stands and believe, doubt myself for nothing, changing my character to the one I used (and now still) to HATE. I am confused. I don't feel anything good that can keep me continue on this job. NOTHING. No satisfaction, no happiness, no interest, no confident, nothing. Why do I need to torture myself in this? I don't like it and I know I am not good in it plus I have no interest in it at ALL, loosing myself and sometimes, I don't even know who am I and what am I doing nor thinking! So, are these reasons strong enough to support me for quitting my job? I guess it's pretty strong though.
So why do I change my job at the first place then? Why leave the job I love and join this? Simple reason, it's just because of exposure~ I want to expose myself to different jobs before I turn 30, before I settle down in the one job that I've chosen to do. Trying new jobs, get experience, learn new things~ that's my reasons of changing job. Every job is the process of learning to me, a stage to learn something new in my life, and I like it. No regrets and never regret on changing jobs.  
What's next then? Honestly, I would like to do some freelance jobs related to my interest. It's not hard to find them, I suppose. In the meantime, take up some courses to improve myself. Yea~ I know what I want now, at least I have a direction on what to do next. Hehe.

Wish me all the best, yo! EeSoon!!!! Go for the things that you want! Go for the things that you like! Go for the dream!! Reality might hold you back a little but, be brave!  Go for dream! Make your dream come true and turn it into reality! You are still young! You can make changes in your life! Live the life you want!! EeSoon, EeSoon, go go go! FIRE up!


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JinRaiXin said...

Alright, EeSoon.
Wish all the best to you in future.
Miss you so.

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Thank you.
I miss you very very much!
So long didn't visit your blog d...