Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wu Gueee

There's one thing I have in my room,
that never failed to make me smile~
it was given to me from one of my best friends~
I would say, it is the BEST birthday present I'd ever received in my life. 

Whenever I am feeling down/angry;
feeling negative/sad,
being emotional sometimes,
this little cute thing warms my heart.
I will smile automatically when I look at it.

I love to kiss him~
I like to hug him~
I like to hold and touch him~

Are you getting curious what that "thing" might be?
HAhaha. I will show you then!

Presenting to you~~~~
The Blue Turtle: Wu Gueee~~

Wu Gueee~~ 
See how adorable he is!!!!!
Here's the side view of Wu Gueee~

See how cute he is!!!!!!!

Wu Gueee is actually a battery operated light projector. It has star shapes holes on his shell. When you turn on Wu Gueee in a dark room, starry light projection will shoot from his shell and you'll be surrounded by many colourful star-shape light. (Something like disco light, shiny shine blink blink)

I love it very very very veeeeeeeery MUCH!!!
Thanks to my love one~


:: - LoLLy - :: said...

Haha now I know his name called Wu Gueee, feeling so happy that you love it so much. =D

EeSoon said...

Wu Gueee~~~~~~~~~~~~
very very cute~ ^^
thanks dear.

Mr Lonely said...

yeah, wu gui is cute~

EeSoon said...

Yes, it is cute, Mr Lonely!!
Cutest thing I've ever owned.