Monday, December 21, 2009

Headache killing!

I am feeling pain in my head... headache... I am having this headache for days d... every morning I will get this bad feeling. Why is that happen to me? What have I done these days that caused this pain in my head? Let's recall back...

Friday 18 Dec 2009
- blogging at around 2am
- sleeps at around 6.30am
- woke up at around 11am
- eat, TV, facebook...
- blogging at around 5pm
- went to nigt market located nearby my house
- drive to my best friend's house for 25minutes
- read newspaper
- watch DVD (chinese drama)
- sleeps at around 2am?

Saturday 19 Dec 2009
- woke up at around 8am
- dress up and have a cup of soya milk
- went out with my best for a whole day
- went to window shopping for a while
- bought a comic
- have dinner
- bath at around 11pm
- sleeps at around 1am?

Sunday 20 Dec 2009
- woke up at around 10.30am (feeling headache)
- chit-chat with my best
- went home
- went to market and bought some eggs and vege...
- back home read comic
- nap
- woke up from nap (headache..)
- cook dinner
- have dinner + surfing the net + listening to the TV..
- take bath
- surf net again
- sleeps at around 2am

Monday 21 Dec 2009
- woke up at around 8am (felt seriously headache, can't stand! doze off)
- went to bed again and woke up at 10am (headache!!! dizzy)
- have breakfast cereal + milk
- surf net
- blogging

I am still feeling headache... and dizzy... and blur... The pain starts from yesterday... why? My life style caused that? I am not getting enough of sleep? I went out too much?

I need panadol now. good bye.


Aeris said...

You need to do some simple exercises. Stay healthy dear. :)

EeSoon said...

Never realise I am actually lack of exercise... haha. Thanks my dear. :)