Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2 years ago.. and now!

I was writing these yesterday night and my feeling totally changed after the training. This is what I wrote yesterday:

2 years ago, I was just a high school fresh grad. I was continuous working as Trialing Specialist in different supermarkets and hypermarkets for months. After the 3 months contract end, I left the job. 2 years later, I am doing this again! Working as Trialing Specialist. Wohoho~ kinda miss the job somehow. hehe.

I will be working on the coming weekends, 2 weekends. If you want to find me, please go to Subang New Village. Please feel free to visit me too~ Muaha! I'll be waiting~~

Are you wondering what job am I doing? In supermarkets, hypermarkets? It's something like you used to call "promoter". So I am going to training tomorrow~~


After the training, this is what I feel:

What a big disappointment!!! sigh sigh... What happen to the company? What happen to the staff? What happen to all these people??? Can you believe there are people wearing T-shirt, short pants and slippers to training?? Don't you know what is RESPECT? I can't accept those people who wore that in training, I feel so pissed! So disrespectful! The worst thing is, the trainer did not even say a word about their wearings! Don't you think it is a problem to wear T-shirt and short pants to training? If you think it's ok, fine! What about slippers? SLIPPERS man!!! ARrrghhh! So irritating!

I am so pissed because the company I used to work with are not like that! Previously people in there were professional! Very professional! From gromming to speech, basicaly everything! Now? What a BIG BIG BIIIIIGG dissapointment. People are getting not serious, not putting effort, simply do work then satisfy, NOT professional at all!!!! Ahhh!! I am so so so so annoyed by that!!! Where are those previous serious + professional staffs went? Why can't new staff be more professional and responsible? Previously I was proud to shout out my represented company, now, I am feeling ashame to say that I am from the company. Can you see how
serious it is? sigh..


Totally different feeling! Yesterday was excitement, today is disappointment. Things do change. Some to better and some obviously worse.

**p/s: I am not assuming everyone of the staff there are acting unprofessional. I am actually mentioning some of those who went to the same traning with me. So, please don't get hurt ya, for those who working there (upper level staff)!**


Aeris said...

Oh no. It's just been 2 years, but the people'd changed alot without improvement. =.=|||

EeSoon said...

old people left, new people suck!! big disappoint to the new people there.