Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Unhappy Tuesday

--I went to the kindergarten I am about to start teaching next year this morning. I was being told that there is meeting today. BUT, there was NOT!!! In fact, what they have are decorating classroom and cleaning toys work to do. Whoaa? What am I doing there? I am not class teacher, I am not helper... why am I there???? I should not be there should I?

--End up, I was helping a teacher and she didn't even say thank you to me!!! Grrrr... ask me do this do that, clean this move that... for more than 5 hours... at least say "thank you" la!!! You are a teacher ok! Show some respect and manners!!! Is "thank you" hard to say? How hard? huh??? I am not your servant ok! A simple "thank you" will change all this you know, teacher?

--I am not happy today. Very unhappy.

--I am going to the kindergarten tomorrow. This time it's meeting. REAL meeting I hope.

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