Monday, December 28, 2009

Back to work!

--Finally... I am home...

--If you follow my blog, you will know I am working on this weekend. And I am continuing the job I left 2 years ago. WOW! And(x2) I went into the same office but got different feelings. So, what I am gonna blog about is, how do I feel one day before I start my work, during my work time and after I done my job. But before I blog about my job, let's blog about Christmas eve! Ho ho ho~

--One day before my work, it was Christmas! Haha. I am not that into Christmas person, so I don't celebrate Christmas and I don't do countdown like others. I will just live my life like any other normal days. And also because of Christmas, we have this day called Christmas eve. On this Christmas eve, I was out with my friends. Yuhoo~ We went for movie (Alvin & The Chipmunks 2). It was damn cute and adorable!!! And their singing... WOW!! Unexplainable in words. Incredibly good! Have you ever listen to the chipmunks' singing without looking at them? I mean something like CD/caset/ringtones? Maybe I am the only one who feels this way... I like the way they sing and dance. I like to listen to their singing too, but not without seeing them. Without the cute little dancing chipmunks, I feel like a bee or ET is singing and I am a bit annoyed by that. hahaha, something like "I like you but I dislike you too". haha. weirdo. I know.

--I was having Mc Donald's as my brunch on Christmas day~ I drove around a city with a friend~ I went to night market in the evening, I went to do some preparation for my work at Subang New Village~ Find a friend for supper~ Ok, here comes the feeling of one-day-before-work. Nervous!!! Anxious!!! Worry!!! Freak out!!! wow... all those feelings came at 1.30am and caused me insomia for minutes. haha.

--Here comes the working day! I reach outlet on sharp 11am! But my speed was slow... very slow... used 10 minutes to set up booth, used 35minutes to prepare drinks, 10minutes to fill in report and move booth out, 5 minutes to groom myself. Total 1 hour used and sharp 12pm, I start my 1st trial. Break time at 4pm, Alice came at 4.35pm, had early dinner~ 5pm back to work. Last sampling at 9pm, done washing and cleaning at 9.30pm. 9.35pm drive home~ Day 1 - sucess~~

--I was very very tired on the next day because I slept at 4.30am and woke up at 9.40am. Why sleep so "early"? I was playing some board game with my family. Business board game, including business investment, share, ... etc. Cute huh? Whole family doing "business", my father was the 1st to go to bed because he 'cabut' after borrow money from 'Along'! ahahaha. it is a very fun game to play.

--Second day of work, was late. How late? I reach outlet at 11.10am! 1st tial at 12.15pm... haiz... 15 minutes late... feel so guilt. Break time at 4pm, did a big mistake!! Proved that I have left the job so long and forgot most of the rules... haiz.. After eating and resting, I continue work at 5.10pm... again 10 minutes late... AAAAahhhh!!! I hate to be late during work! Last sample given out on 8.40pm and there's no more sample!! Continue promote by using my mouth. haha. 9.05pm stop work, 9.40pm done cleaning, washing, closing booth. Yeah~ go home time!!

--As Alice said, I should not say I left the job for years, I am new to the job! ahha, because the company is new (company changed its name due to some reasons)! hm... so it's ok to make mistake because I am new? hahaha... An excuse for my mistake... hehe.. So I am new staff. I should not compare the people with old staff. Sorry for my previous post lo...

Conclusion of my working days, one word = tired. Goodnight.

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