Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Tuesday

My Tuesday:

Good afternoon everyone~ I just came back from work 30 minutes ago and had my lunch. ^^ 2nd day of working in kindergarten = enjoy + happy + fun. What have I done basically was just helping teachers to watch after children. Ahh~ they are so adorable.. I know I said it many times d but still, they are!!!

I am gonna start my mandirin lesson tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have no idea still what to do in the class... my record (lesson plan) is still blank... no idea no idea no idea... hope my idea will come before 11.30pm tonight.

Tell you something about my travelling to work place. I start my car at 7.10am this morning and stucked in the traffic jam for more than 30minutes!!!! Guess what time I reach my work place? 8.10am. I found out that Federal Highway is having traffic jam everyday, every hour and every minute!!! I wonder how long I can stand for this traffic jam. 2 weeks? 1 month? What to do? I do not know any other alternative road to my work place... sigh...

Got to check google map for this. Bye~

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