Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Wednesday

--Another day in the kindy~ So, I am starting to teach today! I am very new to this teaching in kindergarten thing... I was very nervous before the class... Guess what? My first class is 3 year old class. Animals (dog and cat) are what I am going to teach them. I started with a question, asking what sounds like "woou woohh wouuff" expecting them to say "dog" but no respond... -_-" ok then open flash card (a huge one) and show the dog's picture, then only comes, "dog!!" Oh~ finally they voice out! haha, children~ adorable~ I end the class with song, dog song. ^^

--Next, 5 year old class M. What a smart kid! Children in class M are very smart! They know how to write and they do recognize words! Impressive!! We write 2 words and draw some pictures. I am very happy to see them writing and drawing. They have beautiful hand-writing. Again, very impressing! There are two 5 year old classes. Children in the other class (class T) are a bit slower than class M. They pick up slow but end up with very nice work too!

--Then, 6 year old, they me feel... WOW!! Clear and fluent mandarin speaking, nice and tidy hand-writing! WOW!! Bear in mind, most of them do not speak nor write mandarin at home/outside!! And they speak and write so well! WOW!

--Before this, I do not know what to expect from the children, so I assume all of them know very little mandarin therefore I start my lesson with very simple word and sentence. After the 1st lesson, I realise I underestimate them. I am sorry children!! You all are very smart kids!!! I should make my lesson more advanced. HMmm!

--End of the day = happy + impressed + WOW + enjoy~

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