Sunday, January 10, 2010


Saturday morning:
-woke up at 11.30am
-went to fetch a friend and heading to sunway

Saturday afternoon:
-attend student committee meeting
-went to sunway pyramid (POPULAR) for books
-bought some comics, reference books and teaching materials

Saturday night:
-had dinner with friend in HOT PIPER (the food is not bad but not cheap...)
-went home pack up
-went to friend's house
-did some revision with friend
-set goals and mission in year 2010

Sunday morning:
-woke up at 10.45am
-a little chit-chat with friend

Sunday afternoon:
-went home
-went to market with mummy for lunch
-bought shampoo for my doggie
-eating ice-crem while blogging (CURRENTLY)

-wash dog (clean my doggie, bath them)
-prepare lesson plan for 3 days
-prepare lesson plan for tuition class
-clean my room
-watch TV
-wash clothes
-blog about my trip to KL Tasik Perdana (with pictures) IF time do allow me to do that.

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