Friday, January 8, 2010

Enjoyed Thursday & Satisfied Friday

Thursday 09-01-2010
Happy me~ enjoy playing with the children~ doing art works, painting, pasting, cutting... It was fun! Children enjoyed themselves, I enjoy my work, we are all happy~

Friday 10-01-2010
2nd lesson since Monday. Can't escape from feeling nervous, but today I am more calm than Wednesday. Taught 3 year old to sing a new song and glad that they like it! And some of them remember the name of the song in Mandarin!!! Wow! Next, taught 5 year old a new song, they enjoyed the song! It's actually a game song so we were just playing and sing at the same time. Of course, we end the class with some written work. Then, 4 year old~ sing songs about cats and dogs~ they can say the word 'cat' and 'dog' in Mandarin after few times repeat it! 6 year old, the most impressing ones; I taught them 2 new words - 'peng you' which mean friend. Sang a song with movement and do some written work.

I am satisfied with my teaching today. Happy, enjoyed and satisfied.

So, it's Friday and weekend is coming~ Do you have any plans on this coming weekend? I am going for a meeting in college and then to POPULAR bookstore to buy some teaching materials / books / education toys... and then... movie perhaps? or... window shopping? ^^

I am having a good start in year 2010! I am very happy with my job~ I manage to make some new friends from time to time~ my weekends are free~ I have time for nap after my work~ I am going to start 1-to-1 tuition class for my ex-student (currently standard 6) soon~ I hope I can maintain this happy feeling and positive thinking for long period, at least for a year. HAha, greedy eh? hehe~ To all of you who are reading this, enjoy your weekend!! Muaxxx~

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