Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ahhhh!!! Why???????

If you read my blog, for sure you know that I am so crazy about wanting that Sailormoon Collection DVD!! I want it so badly!!! In case you don't know which post, it's this one.

Na... this is the cover!

Do you know that I've decided to buy it on Thursday (today) since Tuesday? Yes I am! So I went to POPULAR bookstore in Sunway Pyramid few hours ago but it was not there anymore!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! How can this happen to me????????? The sales girl says they don't have that dvd in that store!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! W-H-Y??????? Why you have to do this to me??? Why why why???? Why it's not there after I finally decide to buy it on my own, after I withdraw money from bank, after I experienced the traffic jam when driving to Sunway Pyramid, after I am very excited and plan to watch it tonight, after I am so happy that I am about to get it????? W--------H--------Y ???????????/

That's one/two word/words in my mind now and that is/are - "Grrrrr"/"Damn"

I am feeling down now.
I am not happy now.
I am upset now.
I am feeling disappointed.
I am feeling a bit angry now.

I am thinking... am I regretting now for not buying it on the spot when I saw that in POPULAR Bookstore, Amcorp Mall?

You know what? I want it still. Can you buy for me? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaseeeee...... anyone?? I promise I will give you a big hug!!! I want Sailormoon Collection DVD so badly, I really do.

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