Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Have you seen this before?

Of course you do right? This is Wii!!!
Something like play station but it's better!!! It's More fun!! Trust me!

Yuhooo~~ you know what? I was playing with this for more than 5 hours a day during CNY holidays!!! Yuhooo~ It was fun!!!! Eh? No no... I was not playing with the Wii but the games... sorry if I am too excited!! Muahaha~~

This is the one I play for more than 5 hours a day!!

The drums and the guitar! The game it's just like O2Mania.
But you will feel like you are playing the real guitar and drums!

What??? You don't believe me? You want prove? eerm..... I have no chance to take photo yet because my camera is not with me at the moment... Why not I show you a picture of me and my friends playing with it during Chinese New Year visiting??

NAaaa, this one. Aren't we rock?
Just in case you are not sure which one is me,
I am the one in red. Rocking the drum!! Yea, that's me.

It was so so so fun playing with it! But guess what? After breaking all the basic levels in the game, I get a little bored of it already... Sigh... Anyway, it is fun still! If you have chance, get one and try it! You wont regret getting it!


: : - LoLLy - : : said...

Haha, what is 02Mania? =)

EeSoon said...

A game. If have chance, I will show you. ;)