Monday, February 1, 2010

A Guy For Me

If there's a guy offers himself to buy me all Sailormoon DVD, I will kiss him.

If there's a guy willing to buy me one set of "三国演义" comic book (20books/set), I will hug him tight.

If there's a guy promise to send&pick me up from work everyday and really doing it, I will kiss + hug him everyday.

If there's a guy won't feel annoyed when I called him up no matter what time it is,
If there's a guy won't feel bored sharing his life with me,
If there's a guy always miss me and tell me that he miss me,
If there's a guy always waiting for my call/sms,
If there's a guy like the way I hug him like I like the way he does,
If there's a guy love me and tell me from his mouth,
If this particular guy never smoke and seldom/never drink alcohol,
I will definitely be his girl!!

When will I met this particular guy? Will this guy appear in my life? Is it possible for me to get a guy like this? I am still hoping to meet him. Ah... I wish this guy will appear soon.

p/s: the Sailormoon DVDs, the comic book, are sold in POPULAR bookstore now! **nyek nyek**


: : - LoLLy - : : said...

Hahaha.... Doing promotion ar? :p

EeSoon said...

What promotion? Sound so CHEAP la!!! Ishhhh!!!!!!!!!!! A sweet and nice post got such a comment... make my post so cheap liao!!! :(

haha, by the way, thanks for the comment. :)

Jothan d' Rotten said...

isnt that sound something impossible?!

EeSoon said...

nothing is impossible Jothan.
So this is possible~~