Sunday, February 7, 2010

Oh oh...

I am bored bored bored!!!!!
I am actually lazy...
I've got a lot of things need to do but still... doing none of it.
Why am I feeling lazy?
I have some questions to ask...
I guess only me, myself, have the answers...
What I need to do is to find it out!!

What have I done to my life?
What should I do after graduate?
Should I continue study?
Or start to choose jobs that suits me?
Is it a little too late to think of it now?

Why am I such a baby?
Seems like can't grow up!
Always act like an immature little girl.
Things that I like...
Foods that I like...
Actions that I take...
All seems so baby and immature!!!
Why can't I act like a normal mature 23 year old lady?

I am always desire for love.
I am blissful, I know that.
But still I desire for more love!!
Who doesn't want to feel loved?
I am still waiting for my Mr.Right... where are you?
Maybe I shouldn't wait,
maybe I should take action!
But the thing is, I don't even have a target!

No idea what I am writing now,
just felt bored bored bored!!!
(and very very lazy)

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