Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lost Voice For 1hour

I lost my voice for about 1 hour this noon! Once I finish work, I totally lost my voice!! Well, I got my voice back now. Wouuoohh~~ sexy baby~~ I love my current voice~~ Woouuhooouu~~ it's just like the sound you heard from the spoil caset, sometimes sound's out, sometimes air's out. Imagine all the vowel you heard from me sounds like gas and the only words I can sound out clear are all those consonan. "I am happy" will sound like this: "aihh hham hahheppheee" So now can you imagine how sexy my voice is? Oh I love my voice.

Oh, I have a good news! Remember the teacher I mentioned in my previous blog post (in mandarin)? She has improved!!! She says "please" today!! Although still no "thank you" after I help her but she says "please"!!!! Oh... I am so lucky to heard that!!! Here's what she said: "you help to tidy up all that..." (after giving me the task, a few seconds later, she suddenly turn over and say the word) "please". Hahahaha... See! A simple word make HUGE difference! I am so happy when I heard she says that. At least not so calculative when helping her la.

I have watch Sailormoon movie on youtube few hours ago. Sailormoon movie??????? Yes, it was a movie. I never thought there are Sailormoon movies!! As I know, Sailormoon is in different series with many episodes. Movie? What a shock! Erkhemm *cough cough*, some updates on my previous post - A Guy For Me. If there's a guy offers himself to buy me all Sailormoon DVD - including the Sailormoon movies, I will kiss him! Muahahaha~ I am very addicted to Sailormoon!

I am feeling happy today. ^^


Aeris said...

You are addicted to Sailormoon since small, next time i ask your future husband to wear the Sailormoon's uniform for you. XD

EeSoon said...

Future husband to wear Sailormoon's uniform??????? I don't want!!!!!!!!! So "laaa yeng" and geli... If he wear the Sailormoon's husband's tuxedo, then I want la. hehe~ If he want to present the uniform to me also can de :D Muahak!