Sunday, February 14, 2010

Some Updates

2 days ago:
  • I've been a class teacher for 1 day (to replace the teacher who was absent).
  • I've manage a class of 5 year old by myself, no assistant teacher, without any experience on handling a class for a whole day!!
  • I've finish what I suppose to do in the class.
  • I've gain new experience.
  • I've learn to be more firmed!!
  • I meet my best friend in a mall, we chat a little, walk a little, share a little... ...
  • I realize that I still owe her a blog post... ... ** eyeballs rolling**
  • I've learn how to make kuih bahulu! You know what's that? It's cake! The small small one leh??? Many shapes one... got fish, butterfly, bun shape...
  • Have fun making the little cakes with relatives.

1 day ago:
  • EeSoon being locked in the toilet, home alone some more...
  • Wash clothes, socks, toilet wall and floor while waiting for rescue...
  • after 2 and a half hours, got rescue from my family members...
  • I've clean my room.
  • Wash my new clothes.
  • Went back to granma's house for reunion dinner!? haha.
  • Got ang paos!!!! Wohooo~

  • going back to ah maa's (granma) house later~
  • continue to get ang paos!!
  • write blog.
  • iron clothes.
  • put on new clothes~~
  • checked mail... found out that I have more things to do!! GOOD! I like it! :)
  • Wondering... wondering...
  • Just realize that today is Valentine's day too.

Everyone here, Happy Chinese New Year! May this Tiger year brings you lots of luck and prosperity!!!!! Always stay healthy and be tough, be ready for every challenge that coming to you!! To those who are in relationship, have a sweet and romantic Valentine's day!!! May your partner loves you forever and always be by your side whenever you need him/her.

I feel loved!!! Tell me you love me!!! Muaxxxx~

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: : - LoLLy - : : said...

Haha, I Louu You !!! Muaxxxx ~