Saturday, March 13, 2010

Am I Ready For All This?

I am studying, I am working... I've been doing this for some years. I enjoyed it! But recently my work has increase, same as my studies too. I use to teach in primary school, after school = work finish. Now, after work, I have to give tuition to different age range of students, from kindergarten to SPM student... WOW leh? I use to take Diploma class at night, 3 hours a day - 6.30pm to 9.30pm. Now, I am having class on EVERY Saturday -9am to 6pm, I am doing my practical as well, which means daily reports, daily lesson plans will not runaway from my responsibilities... And assignments to be done...

I feel... unsure... confused... Sometimes I wish I can just do nothing and lye on the bed for a whole day... sometimes I just don't wanna do anything!! Suddenly too much of things has thrown to me... Am I ready for all this? Can I corp? Can I do all these in the same time? Am I giving myself too high expectation? Am I overestimate myself? Or... I am just not so use to this lifestyle (changes) yet?

... Maybe it's just the matter of time management I suppose...

I got to go to class now. bye~

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