Friday, April 2, 2010

Another working day

Today is Good Friday. My work place state it as occasional holiday so, it means no work today! But you know what? I am working today... Why? Because 1, my boss ask me to help up and 2, I want to learn more and see how day care is provided in the school! So I go to work place with happy feeling~

I expect what I need to do is just help up the care giver there as I been told, help on the activities the care giver has, help to feed the children, help to take things during activities, look after children when they play... That's what I expected! BUT, what a BIG BUT! 5 minutes after I reach school, the care giver talk to me. My happy feeling disappeared after the conversation.

Care giver (Cg) : "ahh, later you do some activities with them la!"

EeSoon: what activity? (thinking: how the hell I know what to do with them? Suddenly ask me to do, think I am that good meh? u think my brain is made from activities ah?)

Cg: You do art and craft la ha, do art and craft with them or sing song... ah! ok.

EeSoon: What kind of art and craft? (thinking: the art room is locked, can't get material at all, what to do? Do what? At least tell me something la!! Pasting? Drawing? Painting? Sing, sing what? Simply sing ABC la, can ah?)

Cg: Art and craft la ha, art and craft. Haiya.. no paper hoh? Nevermind, you do with them, see what you can do, art and craft.

EeSoon: ... ...

Cg: Do some activities la, make them occupied.

EeSoon: ... ...

From the conversation you can see that, the care giver has expectation on me! She thinks that I can just come out with activities in few minutes and expect me to do with the children by myself!! (at least that's what I felt) I felt like she is throwing all the responsibilities to me! I am there to help up ok! Not to take charge ok! Why ask me to do things that I did not expect? If you want me to do something, at least give me some example what to do la! Or at least provide some materials for me. Moreover, again, I am here to help, not to take charge!!! Arggghhh!!!

Fine!! So I do all the activities by myself. I took papers from class, let children do some pasting work. After that, play games with them, sing chinese songs (use my own CD). The Care giver was cooking when I was doing the pasting work with the children. After snack time, I play some chinese songs and play games with children. The care giver? ... I have no idea what she is doing... clean up table I think...

Although I am not so happy with the care giver but I am happy to do the activities with the children. The children are so adorable!!

I always complain to my mom that I have no guidance, no guideline in school, nobody teach me how to do, I don't know what to do in school... but my mom always says, that's how you learn! Yes, I do agree with her. Without guidance, you will find solution by own, that's how you learn; with guidance, you might just depend on it and not trying to find solution because it's already there, you won't learn by following. But still, I keep on complaining to her whenever I feel so stress up. Haha.. pity my mom.

Ahhhhh~~ another way to express my negative feeling is throw it out in my blog!! Oh pity my readers... ahahaha~

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