Sunday, April 4, 2010

A day in class

Today is Saturday! It's time for class~~ I've spent my whole Saturday in college. 9am - 5.30pm, counted as "whole day"? Ok, ok, maybe one third of day is more accurate. So I spent one third of my Saturday in college. There are lots of emotion change during class: happy, excited, blame, unfair, satisfaction, anger, surprise, rush, praise, ... etc.

I did my presentation with long green papaya face (not smiling, very serious) this afternoon because my team members are not willing to present, so they pushed me out to present alone... GRrrrr... FINE! You want me to do, I give you face!! Naahh! That's what you get! But because of my serious face, surprisingly everyone pay attention to my presentation! And guess what? My lecturer praise me, my lecturer says I had present good ideas, and she ask those who are talking during my presentation to shut up!!! That action gives me satisfaction, I feel acceptable and encouraged.

Just found out one of my classmate is staying nearby my house!!!! Ahh???


I have a sweet dream yesterday night~~
Very very sweet~~ I love it!!!
I dream about my ex-boyfriend.
we were talking, walking around,
playing around, hugging each other,
but our status are not couple,
we are treating each other like buddies!
I love that feel!
It was warmed, loved, appreciated and free!
I hope I can experience that in real life.


I want to



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: : - LoLLy - : : said...

I had the same experience in my first semester too.

My team members are not willing to present and some of them are missing !!

But my lecturer was not satisfied our team and she was asking me too much of question, haha. ^^