Sunday, May 2, 2010


ish ish ish!!!!!!!!!!
WHat the hell?

Purposely drive to college to make me mad like this????
Wasting my time!
Waste my energy!!
Waste my anger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too!

I have been told that we are having a meeting at 4pm.
College's Student Committee meeting (to be detail)
Suddenly, I got a message said that the meeting is over at around 1pm.
What the hell?
Having meeting without me???????
This is not the main reason for me to be that angry!

I am angry because I have plan to sacrifice my time for the meeting!
I am angry because that meeting mess up my timetable!
I am angry because I have been told we have an event to organize!!
I am angry because we are suppose to leave the committee but yet we are still forced to hold the post!!!!!
I am angry because that's the new committee member's job to do!!! NOT us!
I am angry because there is no team work in the committee!!!!!
I am angry because I am sacrificing but no one appreciate!
I am angry because I am responsible!
I am angry
I am angry
I am angry
I am angry

The most angry thing is when I heard this:
"They want to have the meeting earlier because it's not fair for them to stay until 4pm because they do not have exam in the noon"
(The students there are having exam today. Some of their exam end at 4pm some of them end at 12pm)
HEY!? Speaking about FAIR??????
HEY HEY??? I am the one who PURPOSELY come from SHAH ALAM, and I DO NOT HAVE EXAM today AT ALL leh!!!!
Talk about FAIR?
I can sacrifice my time why can't you all?
If you are not interested in that post, get lost! leave the post and go la!!!!!!!
You are holding the post NOW, so please be RESPONSIBLE la!!!

ish ish ish!!!!
I am really really PISSED!!!!
Please allow me to do this again:


JinRaiXin said...

Calm down, friend... (-.-;)
If u can then juz trt 2 quit the committee & never join it again lor.

EeSoon said...

They promised us we will only hold the post for one year since April 2009, so supposingly, our job is done now and we are not the members anymore. It's May 2010 already!

But there is no re-election going on still, which means, we are still the member... haih, annoyed. And being told the teacher's day event is the last thing to do before we leave the committee.

Fine~ I will just finish what I suppose to do and then for sure I won't join it again.

I am calm now. :) thank you.