Saturday, May 1, 2010


I am happy.
I am satisfied.
I had fun.
I feel joy~
I enjoyed.

Let's start this from
Friday night (30/4/2010)
Check this out!!
Have you heard of CLEO 50 MOST Eligible Bachelor?
Google it if you are interested to know more about it.

So, I went to ZOUK to watch the competition. Saw lot's of "leng zaisssssss" wohoo!! Thanks to my best friend for the invite ^^ and the free pass~~ ^^ I love you Swing~~ muaxx~ I had fun!! Thank you!

Got goodies bag~~

Labour Day, 2010
hohoho! Today is a happy day for me.
Early in the morning, around 9am, went to PJ Kwan Inn Teng. Why?
To donate blood.

My best friend-Swing drive!!! She fetch me!!
Excited because I'm sitting in her new car for the 1st time! yuhoo~~

These are what I get after the blood donation.

After blood donation, I met my classmates!!! Let me make it clear, I met with my primary school classmates!! Today is the gathering day which we set before we graduate (11years ago). I am so happy and excited to see my primary classmates!!!! Sorry to say, I forgot one of the guy's name... but I remember your face!!! HAha... sorry huh...

Back home after few hours of chat. Back to the empty house... no one home... again, like usual. Few hours later, my family is back!!! Happy me~~~ I just love to see them around, have them around.

I was online since 8pm+ until now... 12.30am? ... I think I need to rest my eyes and body now... Goodnight la!

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