Sunday, May 23, 2010

Some thoughts

Will your emotion affected by other's emotion? When someone come to you and complain about another one, few minutes later the another one come and complain about the one who complain to you earlier... Few hours later another angry one come to you again to complain another... ermm... will your emotion being affected by all that complains?? Even though that are not your problem/business at all...? Will you feel a little bit annoyed?

I wonder... why do people come and complain to me about others? Because... I am a good listener? Oh I love to be listener~~ and I admit, I am a good one. Hohohoo~ Say whatever you want to say~ I am there just as companion during the releasing of your negative energy~ speak out everyone!!! Besides that, why huh? Since I was young, small... in primary school, people around me just like to tell me their unsatisfaction, problems, anger, complains, bad day... hmmm... I am wondering still...

Do you notice most of the things that people shared with me are negative's ... oh no... that's why I am so negative? hahahaha... anyway, I just like to be with people that generously share their life experience, no matter that's good or bad experience, I just like to listen to it. I am not hearing, but I am listening. ^^

Yesterday was my college's Teacher's Day Celebration organized by the student committee (including me of course! I am the vise president ok!! Don't play play!). I was very happy with the overall celebration. Attendees are giving me positive comments about the event, I feel so appreciated and worthed to spend my time to organize this event. Happy happy~~~

I understand there must be some conflict when working in a team. Whether you want it or not, conflict always make us learn. Try to think back, after you solve the conflict, did you learn anything from that? :) I am sure you did. Maybe... you learn how to judge people, how to negotiate, to apologize, to choose the right people to do the right thing, to communicate better, putting self on the other's shoes... Conflicts do contribute knowledge/information/skills. Believe it.

Oh! I took this from my house one day before the Teacher's day celebration! Take a look on the pictures!!! hehehe~ chao~

Teacher's day presents. Mine??? Wohohoho...
I wish it's all mine too but no, it's not.

it's just the lucky draw presents for teacher's day celebration.
95% wrapped by me~~ EeSoon.

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