Saturday, June 5, 2010

short update

Wow wow wow...
What have I done in past 2 weeks?
What have I been through in past 2 weeks?
well well...
let's make it in points:

  • I canceled my part time jobs.
  • mentally & psychologically prepared for my studies's practical test.
  • keep on practicing performance with children for their little concert.
  • planning lesson plans.
  • writing lesson plans.
  • recalling the days that I did my practical for my report-writing.
  • spent a lot of money on food, movie and petrol.
  • had steamboat with my dearest Wendy maa, ah baaaa, my lui lui and Darlie~ (good friends of mine that never gather for months/years since last met!).
  • being very annoyed by people horning during traffic jam.
  • felt annoyed by the emails from Student Committee (college thinggie).
  • played Wii?
  • got a present from a friend in a sudden beyond my expectation and felt a little bit uncomfortable with that!
  • done practical test.
  • watched 2 movies.
  • bought comic book.
  • went to college for class.
  • 1st time tried banana leaf rice.

Alright, will elaborate those highlights in other posts! Chaoo~ I am lazy. super lazy.