Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Saturday~

Yesterday was an exciting and tiring day~~ went to Sunway Lagoon for the Nuffnang 'My Water Moment' event in the morning and I drive to Kuala Selangor with my close friends in the evening~~ to see fireflies. I reach home at around 1am. Fun yet tiring. zzzz

No pictures about the event and the night views because I did not bring camera to neither Sunway Lagoon nor Kuala Selangor! hoho... But, I do have some photos captured during the event in Sunway Lagoon, will upload it once my friend scan it.

Sunway Lagoon - 'My Water Moment'
For nuffnangers, I am sure you know what is 'My Water Moment' event about. For other readers, let me try to make it short.

It is an event or I should say, a contest to win SONY TX5 camera~ Because the camera is water proof therefore, there are water activities going on. I run, I dive, I swim, I pose, I eat, I know new friends, I shout... so on and on and on...etc during the event since about 11am to 3pm. Wohooo~~~

But at the end, we (in a group with new friends) did not win any cameras because we were being treated unfairly!!!! The people there are not following rules!!! The scorekeeper not writing the accurate score!!! We were not given enough time to finish our game/task (photo-shooting/posing underwater) Not fair not fair not fair not fair not fair... fine... whatever...

Oh yea, I met some new cute and fun bloggers~~ Check their blogs (Joyce and Vemal)!! I hope they don't mind I exposing their blog here... hehe... Oh ya! Joyce and Vemal, you 2 missed the bags... Before the event end, every participant gets a bag. I tried to take for you but the lady says we can't take for those who already left for some reasons... bla bla... so... whatever.. by the way, nice meeting you 2! Oh! Not to forget Riki, the photographer~~ hehe. Nice meeting you too.

Thanks to my friend - Fang's invitation to the event. I enjoyed and had fun!

Kuala Selangor - Firefly Park Resort, Kg Bkt Belimbing
Yesterday was the 1st time I fully rely on GPS without having other maps in hand! WOW! What happen if the GPS break down (which the possibility is very low...) in the middle of our way to Kuala Selangor??? hoho~

I'd checked Google map before I start driving to Kuala Selangor but I did not expect the road will be that dark at night. I start car at around 7pm from Klang to Kuala Selangor following the GPS's instruction and reach there at 5/10 minutes before 9pm. 2hours??????????? Yea... GPS lead me to the far far road but anyway, we reach our destination without getting lost, that's lucky! hoho~

Once I reach Firefly Park, memories pop-up in my brain~~ oh fireflies~ I miss them~! They are so so so beautiful!! I've been to both Kampung Kuantan and Kg Bukit Belimbing (both in Kuala Selangor) to see fireflies about 4 years ago. During that time, I still can remember, there were many many many many fireflies flying around. I could see almost every tree (Pokok Berembang) were crowded by the fireflies but now... ... fireflies getting lesser and lesser and lesser... I hope they don't extinct in anytime... humans... what have you done????????????

After seeing the fireflies, we (did I mention I was with my close friends?) were so hungry, thinking of having seafood dinner/supper there but... the one and only restaurant has closed. At the end, we have our super late dinner/supper or super early breakfast in KFC at 12am++.

Ahhh... tired... excited!!!!! exhausted? ... Zzzzz


Aeris said...

I really love the moment hang out with u girls! Thanks for the fetch my dear~ The fireflies fly over the tree really look like christmas trees! Oh my firelies~ :)

EeSoon said...

you happy, I happy, we happy.
haha~ good lo~~!!