Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Wooo ooo ooo ohh oh o~~~ I've done my report~~~
done my community service (required by the course)~! yea~ happy~!

I passed up my report yesterday, and I have a little chat with my lecturer about graduation thing... I was actually very worry that I am unable to grad this year because I've been told that I must pass up all assignments/reports/projects by august but you know... yesterday was 2 August 2010... 2nd day of August already!!! My lecturer is the college's Academic Head, hehe... and he say yes, I can definitely grad this year. Hohohoho~~~ After chating with him, I feel so relieve~~~

Alright! Don't assume I am very free now! Although I have finish all my college thing, although I am now waiting to grad, although I don't have any classes to attend currently... but, I am not free. NOT FREE at all ya! My life is still busy with my job, my part time job, and now trying very hard to attend as many gathering as I can with all my old friends, classmates, course mates, close friends, boy friends, girl friends, not-so-close friends... hohohohoo~~

My weekdays are all still full! Weekends are my only time to chill with friends, do exercise, have longer sleep... aih... anyway, if you wanna find me for gathering/shopping/swimming/outing/dinner/lunch/breakfast, please make sure it's on weekends~~~Thank you thank you~~

Got to do prepare for my work now!! Tata~~ Love you! Miss you my bloggie~~~ Muaxx~!


: : - LoLLy - : : said...

Haha !! It's good when busy... =D

牧羊星 said...


EeSoon said...

Yes Lolly, I love being busy (although I nag sometimes...)! I love the feeling of being busy! Love it~

Thank you smallrabbit! More post in the future!! hehe~