Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hi all.
I am tired... very...
almost fed up with what I am doing now.
I am running out of ideas...

what can 5 & 6 years old children perform
during Mooncake festival celebration??
sing song? what song then?
recite poem? what poem?
dance? what dance? what music?
What what what what what what??
What can I plan????
What should I do????

Very vexing!!

Oh ya, hehe...
There are some photo taken during my cousin sister's
wedding dinner on last Sunday.
Let me show you one.

I like the dress so much!!
So sorry you can't see the whole piece. hehe.



JinRaiXin said...

Not bad.
If your neck got some decoration like necklace than more perfect~ (=^.^=)

EeSoon said...