Sunday, August 15, 2010

bbQ gathering

I had a great night yesterday!!
Went to a friend's house for barbecue~
I just love gathering~~
met those long-time-no-contact friends,
talking about our memories in primary school~
ah... then will always conclude with this:
time flies~~

Most of them have their own career, family, degree in study...
Sometimes I feel like I am so left out...
no career, no degree, no nothing...
again I asked,
What have I done in my life?
seems like... nothing?

There were once I post this in FB
"... what have I done in my life? .. ... nothing... ... pathetic..."
and got respond from Mr How as below
"You've done some important things...
You're underestimating your presence to the people around you"
oh, I just like the way he write and the words he use.
Somehow, his reply makes me think for a while...

ok ok, alright.
I know I am not suppose to compare myself to others
and I don't need to.
But still,
when you meet all your primary school friends,
or any friends that same age with you,
won't you compare their achievements with yours?
I am sure somehow, somewhere in your heart,
you will make some comparison.
It just an automatic pop up thoughts! Agree?

I chat with one of my friend yesterday,
he is studying psychology and interested in education line...
So we were talking and somehow we talked about
'what we want to do in life'.
What a topic...
I hate to say but I do not know what I want to do in my life..
like.. after living for more than 20 years... seriously!!
We talk and talk,
and he told me to be honest on what I feel towards my job.
Do not just cherish others and do things that you already know you are not good in.
be honest to what I like and don't like,
be honest to what I want and don't want,
just be honest.
Very good advise I would say.
I should give myself some time to really think about all this.
What do I want to do in my life?
What do I like / dislike, want / don't want?
Be honest.

Aih~ why so serious here?
I am hungry~~~
off to lunch!!
and time to think!


: : - LoLLy - : : said...

Muahaha!! I'm eating my lunch now... =P

How said...

Haha, Ee Soon...

A person is not merely judged by what he/she has done for herself, but for others as well...

I mean, i'm a screw up myself, i have no directions in life.

But i do know that by being there for my family and friends, listening to their problems and advising them etc, i am doing something meaningful.

You have friends too, and surely you have done a lot for them. I dare to say they are partly who they are now because they met you; i am who i am now partly thanks to you too, and i like myself =D

EeSoon said...

Thanks Mr How.
I love to read what you write.
your words make me think and somehow relieve some of my ... confusion? ... ya.. confusion.
Thank you.